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DATES: 07/03–07/26

Spend three weeks building a community unlike any other as you experience the Jewish homeland. While in Israel, you will get to take part in all the country has to offer—including gorgeous hikes in the desert, meaningful Jewish learning, and eating delicious food. You’ll learn about a path to coexistence in Jerusalem, dance the night away in Tiberias, learn about innovation in Tel Aviv, and more.

DATES: 07/03–07/31

Take part in all that EPIC Israel has to offer… plus more! For four days you will have the ability to experience a track that you choose based on your personal interests—either hiking from the Mediterranean to the Galilee, volunteering to serve thousands of needy families, or digging through an archaeological site. Whatever your interests, you will experience Israel your way.

DATES: 06/22–07/28 
and 06/29–08/04

Experiential travel helps our teens understand the Jewish and secular culture, sights, sounds, foods, and so much more of the incredibly special places we are able to visit. On EPIC Israel + Eastern Europe, we spend the first week and a half of this journey criss-crossing Eastern Europe to both bear witness to the atrocities of the Holocaust, and experience the lasting impact of Jewish culture on large cities like Warsaw, Prague, and Berlin, and small villages in between. Through this experience, we carry on the memory of those we lost, while actively renewing and returning Jewish voices to the communities we visit. Of course, like all of our EPIC Israel experiences, this is capped with four weeks in Israel as we go “home” and continue telling our thriving Jewish story.

DATES: 06/27–07/31

In a world in which antisemitism seems to be ever-increasing and survivors of the Holocaust are becoming smaller in number, it is more important than ever to learn about our history firsthand so that we can truly say “never again.” On EPIC Poland/Israel, we will spend one week in a Poland Seminar - bearing witness to the atrocities that took place, and carrying on the memory of those we lost. We follow this incredibly meaningful experience with four weeks in Israel.

DATES: 06/27–07/31

Italy has a rich history all its own, and a fascinating relationship with the Jewish people. Spend one week traversing Italia—observing the world’s most beautiful art in Florence, learning the history of the Roman Empire, and experiencing Venice, the City of Water. All week long you’ll learn of the Jewish history of Italy, while eating the greatest food in the world! Following our Italian exploration, we will travel to Israel for four weeks.

DATES: 06/27–07/31

Take a journey to Spain, the heart of medieval Golden Age Judaism, to learn how the diversity of Jewish life is a blessing that must be embraced in every generation. Visit such places as the Alhambra Palace and the Generalife Gardens in Grenada; Seville; Córdoba, the birthplace of Maimonides; the walled city and fortress of Toledo; and Madrid, the capital of Spain. All week long you’ll learn of the Jewish history of Spain as well as the modern culture as you explore the art of Picasso, El Greco. Following our Spanish exploration, we will travel to Israel for four weeks.

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